Congratulations to MaryAnn Gage from Texas on winning our SHD May 2018 Give Away!!!

Congratulations to Kevin Seering from Wisconsin on winning the 2017 October Bundle Give Away!!!

Congratulations to Kevin Kurzweil from Illinois on winning the 2017 July Give Away!!!

Congratulations to Jack Herron from West Virginia on winning the 2018 October Give Away!!!

SHD's 2017 September Give Away

Treeline Hunting Knife with ABS handle with magnesium alloy fire starter inlay and Oxford sheath

 SHD's April 2017 Give Away is for the kiddos. Three Small Squeal Team Shirts for "3" lucky winners!!!

SHD's 2018 February Give Away SHD Style Weather Proof Ammo Can!!

SHD's 2017 July Give Away

3 Piece Elk Ridge Knife Set

Congratulations to Jake Phillips from West Virginia for winning the August 2018 SHD Give Away!!!

SHD's 2018 December Give Away!!! A SOG Spirit Spear!!!

Congratulations to Ronnie Caudill from Kentucky on winning the SHD June Give Away!!!

SHD's 2018 April Give Away!! A Titanium Blade Camillus Knife w/Sheath

Congratulations to David Cheek from Georgia on winning SHD's 2018 December Give Away!!!

Congratulations to Donna Atkins from South Carolina for winning the 2017 SHD February Giveaway!!!

SHD's 2018 September Give Away!!! 18inch Machete

SHD's 2018 June Give Away

Tasco Trail Camera!!!

September 2016 20oz SHD Style Yeti Tumbler Giveaway!!!

SHD's January 2018 Give Away!!

Carhartt Gear Pack

2017 February SHD Give Away!!!

"SHD Style" 30oz powder coated Ozark Tumbler

Congratulations to Jaci Wahl from Michigan on winning the July 2018 Give Away!!!

SHD's 2017 August Give Away

Limited Edition "Big Boar" Hat

SHD's 2017 November Give Away. A pigchete straight from the "Pig Man" himself.

SHD's July Give Away

20oz SHD Style Tumbler

SHD's 2017 March Give Away Extreme Ops Smith & Wesson Knife and a bonus SHD Window Decal!!!

SHD's 2017 October Give Away

A Realtree Camo Hat, 6 Can Tote Cooler, 100 Lumens Head Lamp, and an SHD Style 20oz. Tumbler.

SHD's 2018 May Give Away

Camo Costa Truckers Hat!!!

SHD's 2017 December Give Away an "SHD Style" 1/2 Gallon stainless steel water jug!!!

Congratulations to Joshua Phillips, Alison Jenkins, and Jack Wyatt for winning the April 2017 SHD Give Away!!! These little ones is what its all about!!

Congratulations to Alabama's Kaleb Smith for winning the September 2016 Giveaway!!!.

SHD's 2018 March Give Away

Carhartt Gear Pack!!!

Congratulations to Stephanie Mechels from Minnesota on winning the 2016 SHD November Give Away!!! Thanks so much for all of your support!!!

Congratulations to Ashley Smith from Alabama and Jimmy Green from Oklahoma on winning the 2017 August Give Away!!!

SHD's 2018 October Give Away!!! American Hero Edition Smith & Wesson Knife with Collectors Tin!!!

Congratulations to Lance Blakenship from South Carolina on winning the 2018 February Give Away!!!

SHD's monthly Facebook Giveaway is just a small token of appreciation that SHD conducts monthly to be able to give back to everyone that supports us. Each month on our SHD Kennels FB page we post an item to giveaway absolutely FREE!!! All you have to do to qualify for the drawing is 1)simply click the like button on our page 2) share the giveaway post on your timeline 3) tag two friends. At the end of each month SHD Kennels will draw from all the correct entries and send the winner his or hers prize.. Check out the SHD Page on FB today to enter your name in this months drawing!!! Thanks for all of your support!

SHD's 2016 December Give Away!! 9X16 Cedar Ammo Chest.. Good Luck to all!!!

Congratulations to Jimmy Lee Joslin from Mississippi on winning the 2018 SHD September Give Away!!!

Congratulations to Anthony Batchelor from NC on winning our 2018 April Give Away!!!

SHD's 2016 November Giveaway!!! A special sponsor bundle package featuring a Cherokee outfitters hoodie, an igloo sportsman cooler, a pride dog food camo hat, and a 10X8 SHD dry storage box.. Good Luck to everyone.

Congratulations to David Nielson form Illinois on winning the 2017 November Give Away!!!

Congratulations to Jeff Johnson from Texas on winning our 2018 March Give Away!!!

Congratulations to Will Wall from Florida on being our 2nd winner for the 2018 January Give Away!!!

Congratulations to South Carolina's Scott Willis for winning the August 2016 Giveaway!!!

October 2016 Sticking Knife from "THE PIGMAN"

Congratulations to Brandon Byars from South Carolina on winning the 2017  September Give Away!!!

SHD's 2017 June Give Away 1.5 quart SHD Style Igloo Sports Cooler

Congratulations to Tanya Carnahan from Missouri on winning the 2018 January Give Away!!!

August 2016 SHD T Shirt Giveaway!!!!

Congratulations to Bit Martin from South Carolina for winning the 2018 SHD November Give Away!!!

Congratulations to EJ Bognear from South Carolina for winning the

June 2018 Give Away!!!

SHD's January 2017 Give Away!!!

SHD Style Pistol Safe!!!

SHD's 2018 August Give Away

Tasco Trail Camera!!!

Congratulations to Greg Olsenbaugh from California on winning the 2017 March SHD Give Away!!!



Congratulations to  Sieth Griffin from South Carolina for winning the 2016 SHD's December Give Away!!!

Congratulations to Nels Hadden from Washington for winning the 2017 Janurary SHD Giveaway!!

Congratulations to Daniel Barnett from Tennessee on winning the October Giveaway!!!

SHD's 2018 November Give Away!!!

4PC Old Timer Skinning Knife Set!!!

Congratulations to Dale Wynn from South Carolina on winning the 2017 December Give Away!!!